Ranger Award Medal

Ranger Award Elective Requirements


These requirements became effective on June 1, 2014.

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  1. Watercraft.
    1. Take BSA Safety Afloat Training.
      1. Explain the BSA Safety Afloat plan.
      2. Demonstrate during a watercraft activity that you know the BSA Safety Afloat plan.
    2. Complete a basic boating safety course provided by the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, U.S. Power Squadrons, US Sailing, American Red Cross, or your state's boating law administrator.
    3. Rescue and hypothermia.
      1. Learn and demonstrate water rescue techniques, including self rescue, group rescue, boat-assisted rescue, short-line rescue, and boat-over-boat rescue.
      2. Learn and demonstrate that you know the rules for avoiding water-caused hypothermia and what to do in case of hypothermia.
    4. Present the American Canoe Association Start Smart Program or another program on boating safety to your crew, another crew, a Cub or Boy Scout group, or another youth group on boating safety.
      Do requirement e, f, or g.
    5. Paddle Craft
      1. Learn the American Whitewater Affiliation Safety Code and demonstrate your knowledge during a paddle craft activity.
      2. Learn about the International Scale of River Difficulty by describing the six classifications of rivers.
      3. On a whitewater river map of your choice, be able to show why different sections are classified the way they are.
      4. Learn and describe the differences of the following paddle craft and explain which are appropriate for one, two, or more paddlers:
        • Canoes: recreational, touring, whitewater, freestyle, decked, C1
        • Kayaks: recreational, touring, sit-on-top, downriver, race, whitewater playboat, whitewater creek
        • Rafts: self bailing, paddle, frame, cataraft, inflatable kayak
      5. Learn and use paddling techniques and maneuvers for one of the following craft:
        • Canoe, both single and double passenger
        • Kayak, single or double passenger
        • Raft, be the paddling captain
      6. Using an appropriate canoe, kayak, or raft, paddle a slow river, lake, or coastal waterway, a distance of at least 8 miles, or run a whitewater river, a distance of 6 miles with at least one class II rapid. If using a paddle raft, be the paddle captain.
    6. Boardsailing
      1. Learn and demonstrate the BSA rules for boardsailing.
      2. Learn how to boardsail.
    7. Sailboating
      Become certified as a US Sailing Small Boat Sailor or US Sailing Instructor.

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    Source: Venturing Awards and Requirements (34784 - SKU 618767) and

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